Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Appendix N & Dagger Update

Hey Folks,
If you are an Appendix N Adventures Subscriber and have not received the first two modules in print ("Ruins of Ramat" and "The Vile Worm"), please pm using the contact form on the bottom right of this blog. I do not want anyone left out and I want to make sure my mailing labels are correct for the next shipment. 
Over the years of this project, I have lost much communication from folks and I know how frustrating that can be, but please contact me one more time as I try to make it right.
I will begin sending out the third shipment in September. I hope to have that shipment all completed before the end of the year. This time, I will post regular updates on the progress. This shipment will include the the third and fourth modules in print ("The Treacherous Cobtraps" and "The Witch of Wydfield"). 
Lastly, I have completed a Revised Version of DaggerNow it is much more of its own game and shares some mechanics with 5th edition, but only uses six-sided dice. It remains a simple toolkit and clocks in at only five pages.I have updated it on the OneBookShelf sites and it remains FREE.
Thank you for your great patience.
- John Adams

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  1. Dagger is excellent! I've played a few sessions with my kids using the original 5e rules but they are a bit too much for them, especially my 8 yrs old daughter, so these simplified rules will help us a lot. One question though: Do you think it's possible to find every monster from the 5e in the older editions? I'm thinking about the Hit Point rules conversion. Thanks for a great addition to Dnd!