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Getting Better

Hey Folks,

 I have been fighting a medical condition for a little over three years now. For me, the symptoms were constantly tearing muscles, short-term memory loss, and fatigue. The worst part of it for me was the memory loss. In many ways, it was like I was suffering from dementia in my 40's. Bi-monthly injections for over two years helped hold back the symptoms to a small degree.

 However, when I applied for new health insurance coverage on the federal online marketplace this summer, it took over 3 months before I could get a new policy. During that time (July, August, and much of September) my prescription ran out and I was unable to renew it anywhere because it requires extensive (and very expensive) annual testing - which no one would do for me without insurance. I tried to get treatment everywhere. I could not even get into a local free medical clinic that I send people to all the time because they were already booked up for the summer.

 Once I was able to see a doctor, s…