Monday, February 1, 2016

Appendix N and Delving Deeper Update

Appendix N Kickstarter and Subscription:

It has taken me a few months longer than I expected to finish the first Appendix N shipment. I was further behind in the shipping than I thought. But in the process, I have been able thoroughly clean up my shipping lists and have standardized the way that I ship. I know that does not sound like anything substantial in a project this far behind. But I intend to prove it by sending out another module to you very quickly and with complete transparency through every step, from the beginning to end. And that is the next step I am taking in fulfilling the print rewards of this project. Once that is done, I will turn my attention to the final print rewards.

As of right now, only some folks in the $30 pledge level and those who purchased a subscription still need their first shipment sent. For those who ended up being last in this first shipment, I will make it up to them in the next shipment along with everyone who pledged extra for shipping.

Delving Deeper Boxed Sets:

I have four folks who have let me know they never received their boxed set. If you have not received your boxed set either, please email me or use the contact form on the right and I will get it out to you very quickly. I now have all of my publishing equipment and stock at my new location. I also have plenty of 2nd shipment packages I am shipping out (contain the dice, card stock map of Blackmarsh and perfect bound, single- volume version of Delving Deeper's current rules. Please let me know if you need one of them as well.

Again, thank you for your great patience with me and I hope to provide you with lots a great gaming material (most for free) in 2016 as I work to make things right on my end.

Next Update: X-plorers and Dagger