Friday, December 9, 2016

Dagger - Random Treasure

*Dagger: Simple Gaming with Kids is getting a major update and we are using this series to present the changes. The new edition of Dagger features no levels, 1d6 and 2d6 mechanics, and many optional random charts to increase the fun of gaming with kids. 

To randomly determine the treasure for a monster (or group of monsters), roll a 1d6 and add the monster’s hit dice, and consul the following table:

Roll 1d6 + monster’s # of Hit Dice:

1-3 No Treasure

4 - 5 Coin Purse
  • 1d6 Gold Coins

6 - 7 Sack of Treasure
  • 1d6 x 10 Gold Coins
  • 3 in 6 chance of 1 Fancy Stone
  • 2 in 6 chance of 1 Gem
  • 1 in 6 chance of 1 Magic Item

8 - 9 Treasure Chest
  • 1d6 x 100 Gold Coins
  • 2d6 Fancy Stones
  • 1d6 Gems
  • 1 Magic Item plus 1 in 6 chance of a 2nd Magic Item

10+ Treasure Horde

  • 1d6 x 1000 Gold Coins
  • 1d6 x 10 Fancy Stones
  • 1d6 x 10 Gems
  • 1d6 Magic Items

Treasure and Treasure Tables have been adapted from Bloody Basic: Classic Edition and Dungeon Questing.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Dagger - Goblin & Orc

Armor Class: 8
Hit Points: 1d6-1
Attack: small sword, axe, or bow
Damage: 1d6
Special: - 1 to hit in sunlight
Move: 6 squares
Save: 11
Number Encountered: 1d6 (small party) 2d6 (large party)

Goblins are small humanoids with brilliantly hued skin (green, blue, scarlet, etc.) and fangs. They wear leather armor, carry small shields and fight with small axes, small swords, or bow. If a fight is not going well, goblins will run away or run and hide.

*Description adapted from Bloody Basic Classic Edition.

Goblin: AC 8; HP 1d6-1; ATK small sword, axe, or bow; DMG 1d6; SP None; MV 6; SV 11.

Armor Class: 8
Hit Points: 1d6 hit points
Attack: sword, axe, or bow (4/12 squares)
Damage: 1d6
Special: None
Move: 6 squares
Save: 10
Number Encountered: 1d6 (small party) 2d6 (large party)

Orcs are human-sized goblinoids with green skin and pig faces. They often serve as mercenaries in the armies of evil lords and wizards. Orcs wear leather armor (or better if provided by their lord) and usually attack with axe and spear or axe and bows and arrows.

*Description adapted from Bloody Basic Classic Edition.

Orc: AC 8; HP 1d6; ATK sword, axe, or bow; DMG 1d6; SP None; MV 6; SV 11.

*Dagger: Simple Gaming with Kids is getting a major update and we are using this series to present and store the conversion of monsters. The new edition of Dagger features no levels, 1d6 and 2d6 mechanics, and many optional random charts to increase the fun of gaming with kids. 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Getting Better

Hey Folks,

 I have been fighting a medical condition for a little over three years now. For me, the symptoms were constantly tearing muscles, short-term memory loss, and fatigue. The worst part of it for me was the memory loss. In many ways, it was like I was suffering from dementia in my 40's. Bi-monthly injections for over two years helped hold back the symptoms to a small degree.

 However, when I applied for new health insurance coverage on the federal online marketplace this summer, it took over 3 months before I could get a new policy. During that time (July, August, and much of September) my prescription ran out and I was unable to renew it anywhere because it requires extensive (and very expensive) annual testing - which no one would do for me without insurance. I tried to get treatment everywhere. I could not even get into a local free medical clinic that I send people to all the time because they were already booked up for the summer.

 Once I was able to see a doctor, something amazing had happened. Apparently, going without my medication for three months somehow caused my own body to suddenly begin rectifying my condition on its own! Armed with my new health insurance and a fresh round of tests, it seems my condition has already improved enough that I no longer require medication for it! I am not 100% yet, but I can certainly tell the difference. My symptoms are slowly disappearing and I am gradually becoming more like my old self again - and especially in mental ability.

 I wonder how many years I would have had to suffer from the condition if I had been able to continue the treatment without interruption? I normally do not like to share this much personal information online because it often becomes fodder for ridicule. But I am excited about my improving condition and I felt I owed folks an explanation as to why I haven't been as productive in the last couple of years as I once was. I believe that is now changing.

 Again, if there are products that I owe you, and even if you have contacted me in the past about it, please use the contact form on this page and I will make it right with you as quickly as I can.

 - John

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Appendix N Adventures Update

from the Kickstarter:

Hey Folks,
The second shipment is nearing completion. Everyone should receive it before the end of July (in the US and Canada) and the rest a few days later. I have three large batches to ship this week. 
I am working towards having everything in print out to you before the end of the year. That may include another shipment or two - whatever works best to get it wrapped up. Print products from here on out are all exclusives of this kickstarter project and not available anywhere else.
I will update again when the last pieces of the second shipment have gone out.
Thank you for you patience.
And I just have to plug Goodman Games Mutant Crawl Classics RPG Kickstarter one last time. Only about 12 hours left and it is another amazing project! I am in for a color hard cover and the optional print block of modules. Check it out!


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Quick Update

Hey Folks, 
The second shipment is now on the way to everyone who pledged extra shipping. It will go out to everyone in the $31 & $30 pledge levels next and I will post an update when the last one in that level ships. 
Thank you for your patience.
- John

Saturday, June 4, 2016


Hey Folks,
A family situation arose a few weeks ago that I had to personally take care of and I am behind on my current shipping schedule. With the situation now resolved, I am already back working to get caught up as quickly as possible. I apologize for this delay.
Thank you for your great patience.
- John

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Appendix N Kickstarter Update #100

Today's Kickstater Update:

Hey Folks, 
Just a quick update today. I will have a more detailed one in a couple weeks.
I am currently sending out the second shipment to everyone who pledged extra for shipping. Next week, I begin sending out the second shipment to everyone in the $31/30 pledge levels. 
The second shipment has already gone out to everyone in the $200, $101/$100 and $50 pledge levels. It may take another week or so for some international shipments to reach their destination. 
Thank you for your support and your great patience.
- John

Saturday, April 2, 2016


Hey folks,
For some reason, the permanent redirect to this blog is no longer operating. I have contacted my hosting service to see what it wrong. I still own the site and have paid hosting for the entire year.

Appendix N Adventures:
The last remaining first shipments to Kickstarter and subscription folks are on their way. I have started the second shipment. This one will be far quicker and completely transparent. More details are in my April 2 Kickstarter update.

Dagger: Toolkit for Gaming with Kids:
My revision of the Dagger Toolkit for Kids is almost completed. In order to make it distinct from Jimm Johnson's version (which is designed for use with B/X), I have incorporated my tweaks and made Dagger compatible with 5th Edition, but still easily useable with any edition and DCC rpg. Indeed, nearly any module or adventure can be converted right at the gaming table during play. I just need to tidy up the text, add some more monsters to the bestiary, and get a final edit. This toolkit for gaming with kids is just four pages of text, including a small bestiary. The Referee's Screen contains many of the rules, but also quick adventure design tools, and more simple conversion guidelines.

If there is anything BHP still owes you, please contact me using the contact form below to the right.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Great post on rolling dice!

Daniel Bishop (Raven Crow King Blog) has a great post about rolling dice in rpg games. He expands a bit upon the way we are invited to roll dice in the Dungeon Crawl Classics rpg, but it is good advice for most roleplay gaming.


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Great Post on Original Edition Thief

Zenopus Archives has a great blog post about Gary Gygax's early d6 HD OD&D Thief as well as one of his great Reference Sheets for download.

Simon Bull created the Delving Deeper Optional Thief using much of this early Thief.
Check it out.


Monday, February 1, 2016

Appendix N and Delving Deeper Update

Appendix N Kickstarter and Subscription:

It has taken me a few months longer than I expected to finish the first Appendix N shipment. I was further behind in the shipping than I thought. But in the process, I have been able thoroughly clean up my shipping lists and have standardized the way that I ship. I know that does not sound like anything substantial in a project this far behind. But I intend to prove it by sending out another module to you very quickly and with complete transparency through every step, from the beginning to end. And that is the next step I am taking in fulfilling the print rewards of this project. Once that is done, I will turn my attention to the final print rewards.

As of right now, only some folks in the $30 pledge level and those who purchased a subscription still need their first shipment sent. For those who ended up being last in this first shipment, I will make it up to them in the next shipment along with everyone who pledged extra for shipping.

Delving Deeper Boxed Sets:

I have four folks who have let me know they never received their boxed set. If you have not received your boxed set either, please email me or use the contact form on the right and I will get it out to you very quickly. I now have all of my publishing equipment and stock at my new location. I also have plenty of 2nd shipment packages I am shipping out (contain the dice, card stock map of Blackmarsh and perfect bound, single- volume version of Delving Deeper's current rules. Please let me know if you need one of them as well.

Again, thank you for your great patience with me and I hope to provide you with lots a great gaming material (most for free) in 2016 as I work to make things right on my end.

Next Update: X-plorers and Dagger

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Friday, January 1, 2016


Computer problems have been messing up shipping labels all week. A total reset of the computer seems to have it working today. It is Murphy's Law. I go from writing out shipping labels by hand to trying to print them out faster and my computer goes down.

But I am looking forward to 2016:

  • to finishing everything BHP has been behind on
  • to getting back to working with my online friends,
  • to gaming locally and online
  • to lots of blogging about gaming
  • and to releasing lots of new material - most of which will be for free.

But I will miss Steve.