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Update - Sept 26, 2015

Hey folks,

A new Appendix N Add-On Adventure (an evil god, his faith, his faithful and two add-on adventures/encounters for any DCC game) is with the editor and scheduled for an October release for free to members of the Appendix N Kickstarter and annual subscription.

A bunch more Appendix N Adventures and Delving Deeper 2nd shipments went out this week. I am still on track to finish the first Appendix N shipment by the end of October.

I have travelled back home to be with my family this weekend, but I will be back at it and responding to emails and pm's on Monday.

Appendix N Update

Hey folks,

 Since my recent move, things have been moving on all of BHP's late projects the way they should have back in 2012 before we lost our daughter.

 The 1st print rewards shipment is almost complete for the Appendix N kickstarter. I am so close now that I can comfortably say that everyone should have received their 1st shipment by the end of October, 2015 and still leave myself a few weeks back-up in case something gets in the way. I will be updating in late October to remind folks that if they do not receive a first print rewards shipment from me by the end of October to let me know.

I am now also actively shipping the first Appendix N print module to annual subscribers and they should all arrive before the end of October.

 Back to the Kickstarter, with all of the mess that I have put this project through, I have no doubt that some folks will get missed in the 1st shipment and a few others may get two first shipments. Of course I will fix those immediately and my new accou…