Saturday, December 19, 2015

Appendix N Adventures Kickstarter Update

Hey folks!
After the batches that went out this week, every pledge level should have their first shipment other than some folks in the $30/$31 pledge levels, but I am working to get those out before the end of the month.
Again, if you have a change of address, please send it to me through the Kickstarter private message system because it remains in my information about you and I always check them before I ship to you. I also send you a private message through Kickstarter to let you know when I have shipped to you.
If you are in a pledge level other than $31/$30 and have not received your first shipment yet, please pm me through Kickstarter and I will correct it quickly.
The next shipment will go out quickly, be completely transparent as to where it is at, and folks who gave extra for shipping will receive their's in the first batch to go out with the higher levels.
Thank you for your great patience.

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