Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Appendix N Subscribers Update

I sent out an email update to Appendix N Adventures Subscribers today with pdf coupons for all of the modules, Add-On adventures and extras as well as the newest, unreleased Add-On Adventure.

If you did not receive it, please email me as soon as possible using the contact form to the right of this website (it goes right to my email account). I need your current shipping address too.

There are only about three dozen folks in this category and I think I got them all, but I am posting this just to be sure.


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Next Appendix N Adventure Add-On #7 off for Approval

Hey folks,

The next Appendix N Adventures Add-On #7: Grimic The Slaughterer is off to Goodman Games for approval. If approved, it will go out to Kickstarter and Subscription folks right away as they wait for the final first shipments.

Daniel Bishop edited it and added some of his own flavor to it. His talent and skill really polishes up my simple ideas and words. Thanks, Daniel! :)