Monday, September 21, 2015

Appendix N Update

Hey folks,

 Since my recent move, things have been moving on all of BHP's late projects the way they should have back in 2012 before we lost our daughter.

 The 1st print rewards shipment is almost complete for the Appendix N kickstarter. I am so close now that I can comfortably say that everyone should have received their 1st shipment by the end of October, 2015 and still leave myself a few weeks back-up in case something gets in the way. I will be updating in late October to remind folks that if they do not receive a first print rewards shipment from me by the end of October to let me know.

I am now also actively shipping the first Appendix N print module to annual subscribers and they should all arrive before the end of October.

 Back to the Kickstarter, with all of the mess that I have put this project through, I have no doubt that some folks will get missed in the 1st shipment and a few others may get two first shipments. Of course I will fix those immediately and my new accounting and shipping system won't let that happen in the 2nd and final shipment.

 Beginning in October, I will again be passing on more, new Appendix an Adventures PDFs to supporters of this project (and annual subscribers) At least one new PDFs adventure (or the equivalent of a number of Add-On Adventures) will be released to you all each month until the 2nd and final shipment begins. It is so good to finally have my creativeness back in full strength again.

I will be shipping every remaining print reward in the second shipment with bi-monthly updates of the actual shipping numbers. I intend to do the 2nd shipment right and timely. I will not repeat this terrible mess I have put you all through again like the 1st shipment. . Those who gave extra for shipping and those in the $50 and higher pledge levels will get their 2nd shipment first and will also get an exclusive print product for - but ALL shipments will happen in a timely manner.

 Again, I am so sorry for the confusion and length of this project. There is no one to blame for it but me. If anything, it is a good example of what NOT to do with a crowdfunding project.

 Thank you for your incredible patience. :)

- John

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