Monday, December 21, 2015

We've Lost Steve Zieser :(

My friend, Gamer, OSR artist, and brother-in-Christ, Steve Zieser, lost his long-running battle with cancer today. Please pray for his wife, Jenn.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Appendix N Adventures Kickstarter Update

Hey folks!
After the batches that went out this week, every pledge level should have their first shipment other than some folks in the $30/$31 pledge levels, but I am working to get those out before the end of the month.
Again, if you have a change of address, please send it to me through the Kickstarter private message system because it remains in my information about you and I always check them before I ship to you. I also send you a private message through Kickstarter to let you know when I have shipped to you.
If you are in a pledge level other than $31/$30 and have not received your first shipment yet, please pm me through Kickstarter and I will correct it quickly.
The next shipment will go out quickly, be completely transparent as to where it is at, and folks who gave extra for shipping will receive their's in the first batch to go out with the higher levels.
Thank you for your great patience.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Appendix N Subscribers Update

I sent out an email update to Appendix N Adventures Subscribers today with pdf coupons for all of the modules, Add-On adventures and extras as well as the newest, unreleased Add-On Adventure.

If you did not receive it, please email me as soon as possible using the contact form to the right of this website (it goes right to my email account). I need your current shipping address too.

There are only about three dozen folks in this category and I think I got them all, but I am posting this just to be sure.


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Next Appendix N Adventure Add-On #7 off for Approval

Hey folks,

The next Appendix N Adventures Add-On #7: Grimic The Slaughterer is off to Goodman Games for approval. If approved, it will go out to Kickstarter and Subscription folks right away as they wait for the final first shipments.

Daniel Bishop edited it and added some of his own flavor to it. His talent and skill really polishes up my simple ideas and words. Thanks, Daniel! :)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Update - Sept 26, 2015

Hey folks,

A new Appendix N Add-On Adventure (an evil god, his faith, his faithful and two add-on adventures/encounters for any DCC game) is with the editor and scheduled for an October release for free to members of the Appendix N Kickstarter and annual subscription.

A bunch more Appendix N Adventures and Delving Deeper 2nd shipments went out this week. I am still on track to finish the first Appendix N shipment by the end of October.

I have travelled back home to be with my family this weekend, but I will be back at it and responding to emails and pm's on Monday.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Appendix N Update

Hey folks,

 Since my recent move, things have been moving on all of BHP's late projects the way they should have back in 2012 before we lost our daughter.

 The 1st print rewards shipment is almost complete for the Appendix N kickstarter. I am so close now that I can comfortably say that everyone should have received their 1st shipment by the end of October, 2015 and still leave myself a few weeks back-up in case something gets in the way. I will be updating in late October to remind folks that if they do not receive a first print rewards shipment from me by the end of October to let me know.

I am now also actively shipping the first Appendix N print module to annual subscribers and they should all arrive before the end of October.

 Back to the Kickstarter, with all of the mess that I have put this project through, I have no doubt that some folks will get missed in the 1st shipment and a few others may get two first shipments. Of course I will fix those immediately and my new accounting and shipping system won't let that happen in the 2nd and final shipment.

 Beginning in October, I will again be passing on more, new Appendix an Adventures PDFs to supporters of this project (and annual subscribers) At least one new PDFs adventure (or the equivalent of a number of Add-On Adventures) will be released to you all each month until the 2nd and final shipment begins. It is so good to finally have my creativeness back in full strength again.

I will be shipping every remaining print reward in the second shipment with bi-monthly updates of the actual shipping numbers. I intend to do the 2nd shipment right and timely. I will not repeat this terrible mess I have put you all through again like the 1st shipment. . Those who gave extra for shipping and those in the $50 and higher pledge levels will get their 2nd shipment first and will also get an exclusive print product for - but ALL shipments will happen in a timely manner.

 Again, I am so sorry for the confusion and length of this project. There is no one to blame for it but me. If anything, it is a good example of what NOT to do with a crowdfunding project.

 Thank you for your incredible patience. :)

- John

Monday, August 10, 2015

A Personal Update

I think it is time to let folks know a bit about what my personal life has been like for the last year. I hope this will end speculation about me, but I know it won’t. I just think folks deserve to know a bit more about what my situation has been like and how it has greatly improved in the past couple of months.

At the beginning of last summer, I realized that I was pretty broken and that I needed some time to heal and to focus on myself and my family. While I had lost my third child less than a year before, I had never taken the time to grieve – I wanted to stay strong for my family. But some things you just cannot avoid. So I decided to resign from the church I was pastoring and took a job refurbishing exercise equipment for a local Heath club. The job basically consisted of taking weight machines apart, moving them to a warehouse, removing the rust from the steel with an angle grinder, repainting them and the reassembling them in the gym. It was very physically demanding work for me, but I believe it helped me work through some very difficult issues in my life. I think it helped get me back in my right mind.

Back in early Spring of this year,, I felt good enough to begin applying for churches to pastor again. I was called to serve by a great church back in early July.  The position was supposed to begin a few months earlier, but things never quite happen the way we plan. This church has already been nicer to me than any other I have served. The compensation is good and they are also paying for me to finish my graduate work as well. The only difficulty is that it is a 500 mile move and we cannot afford to buy a house yet. So until the end of the year, I am living in a rental the church is paying for, but my wife and children remain back home (where rent and the cost of living is much cheaper). We do get to see each other every six weeks or so. And we know that this is a big step forward for our family.

But the bottom line is that this new job is giving me the free time, resources and peace of mind to finish up my Appendix N Adventures Kickstarter and Subscription as well as the remaining Delving Deeper shipments that remain. I hope to be completely through with all of my behind projects by the end of the year.

None of this makes up for the terrible delays in the project, but I hope it helps others who are going through difficult times to see that things can get better.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Catching Up

At the beginning of July, I was offered and accepted a good, new job. However, the job is a full day’s drive away from where I currently live, so I had to get some temporary housing that I will stay in through the end of the year. I went through most of  July without Internet access, but it is up-and-running now. Today, I am transporting almost everything I need to set up printing, wrapping and shipping for BHP at my new location. The rest of my family will not be joining me in our new location until the end of the year. From now through the end of the year, I will be using nearly all of my spare time to finish catching up on  shipping out all of BHP’s late orders – The Delving Deeper Boxed Sets (1st and 2nd shipments), Appendix N Adventures (Kickstarter and Subscription) and any remaining orders I have missed.

I am not sure why is not currently working, but I will get that fixed asap.

 Again, thank you all for your great patience.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Updates on Monday

Hey folks. I have been without Internet access most of the month because of a new day job, so I have a number of emails to catch up on. I did not have much time to prepare for the travel and isolation of this new job, but I did take a crate full of Appendix N Adventure 1st shipments and Delving Deeper 2nd shipments with me and have continued to send them out.

I will have a complete update on the Kickstarter and all things BHP on Monday.